<b>FINALLY a product to help you with positioning your Adhesive Vinyl on any surface is HERE!</b> <br> <br> After you purchase Angel Craft Transfer Paper you will be amazed to see how much you get in ONE ROLL ( <b>50 FEET LONG</b>), but at an excellent quality too. <br> <br> Go ahead and simply remove the plastic wrapping and you will find easy clear instructions on how to use the paper after cutting your designs or letters with you Provo Craft Cricut machine or perhaps the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait Die Cutter or any other Vinyl Cutter for that matter. <br> <br> So how is Transfer Paper Tape by Angel Crafts different from the rest? It has to be the <b>PREMIUM QUALITY and DESIGNED TO WORK WITH ALL BRANDS</b>, the <b>EASY TO UNWIND & APPLY ALL-PURPOSE APPLICATION</b>, and of course the incredible <b>PRICE</b>. <br> <br> I was tired of buying transfer paper of poor quality and that is why I have manufactured my own that comes with a <b>MONEY BACK GUARANTEE</b> as I am so confident you will love it! <br> <br> Go Ahead and give it a try because adhering Vinyl just got A LOT EASIER! Add to Cart button is above.

Product Features

  • QUICK AND EASY RELEASE that does not leave a sticky residue on your vinyl and won't rip or tear your project! It's the perfect alignment paper so your projects go on straight and even every time.
  • JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF GLUE will make sure your project transfer beautifully. No mess - no fuss! Larger core means less memory so the transfer paper lays flat to make it easy to work with. Great multi-media tape too.
  • FREE INSTRUCTIONS on how to use Angel Craft application tape with your favorite adhesive vinyl.
  • PERFECT APPLICATION EVERY TIME! The red grid lines take the guess work out of aligning and applying your art work. No problems with air bubbles!
  • YOU WORK HARD on making just the right design for your home or gift and we want you to be proud of your project.

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