750 Sheets origami paper can excite children's curiosity and promote imagination, exercising the ability of using hands and brain<br><br> <b>Features:</b><br> • Use it to create handmade small articles such as kite, plane, roses, more animals and so on by your idea<br> • Suitable for sharing your creations with friends and loved ones<br> • Origami papers give children great choice for party and gifts<br> <br> <b> Specifications:</b><br> Material: Premium paper<br> Dimension: 15cm x 15cm square<br> Colors: 25 colors <br> Package included: 750 x Origami Paper

Product Features

  • Folds easily and holds a sharp crease,Thick enough not to tear easily yet thin enough for more complex folds and elaborate designs. If you make a mistake, you can refold without ruining the design. It's the perfect folding experience!
  • 750 Sheets of amazing origami paper each pack,Perfect for Schools and Teachers that Need Great Origami Paper at an Economical Price,25 vivid colors on double sided,so no matter how you fold them,you see the color
  • Most Popular Size - Folds Easily - Won't Tear
  • Holds a Crease - Won't Curl at Edges
  • Paper without any bad smell , all of the material is ECO-FREINDLY,AZO-FREE.it's fit for all ages to enjoy fun

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Our Score: 146

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