<p><b>ORIGAMIR.</b> This coloring paper is made by origami masters for enthusiastic people: both for beginners and advanced specialists. We consider all: quality and variety of materials, convenient packaging, and maintenance. <b>The Origamir Classic Series Paper</b> incorporates all of the best qualities of both professional and paper origami for kids has at a reasonable cost.</p> <p><b>There Is Something That Only This Origami Paper Set Has:</b></p> <p><b>A unique package.</b> The tray for paper, which can be put on a desk. It will take up little space, but keeps your paper reliably. The paper is always in front of you. You can choose and take a sheet of a needed color easily, without having to divide the whole pack.</p> <p><b>A unique collection of colors.</b> 25 bright and saturated colors without counting the white one - it is more than is included in any other professional Set. There are colors that even a sophisticated origami master would like: body color, four shades of green color, rotten cherry color, color of non-painted paper, a deep blue color and many other beautiful ones.</p> <p><b>A unique quantity of sheets in Set.</b> 750 ones - an economic pack with the best size. It is 1.5 times more than in standard sets! We prepared 30 sheets of each color for you.</p> <p><b>Moreover, ORIGAMIR have a useful gift for you!</b> More than 120 modular and classic Origami video-lessons in the Online School. You can make more than 120 models by yourself, just by repeating the steps after the Origami master. Now the lessons are in Russian, but it's not a problem, because everyone understands the Origami Language.</p> <p>Original High Quality Origami Paper Classic Series - 750 Sheets - Square 6x6 Inch - 70 gsm - 25 Vivid Colors - 30 Sheets of Each Color - Double Sided Mono-paper - Paper Tray by Origamir - this is paper for Origami, as it has to be.</p> <p><b>Click the button at the top of this page to order and have fun with ORIGAMIR and Origami!</b></p>

Product Features

  • LUCKY COLORED PAPER. It's just a best set of plain squares for origami. You can make paper airplane, flower, heart, rose, envelope, hat, frog, star, elephant, fish, swan, cat, dragon, butterfly or 1000 cranes. It is especially good for kids, beginners and easy origami.
  • REALLY BRIGHT INTENSE COLORS. The most popular rich and pastel colors: black, red, dark green, lime, light blue, brown, orange, apricot, terracotta, purple, milky white, body color, lilac, pink, kraft, gold, yellow, lavender, coral, burgundy, magenta. Matt, same shade on both sides.
  • EXACTLY SQUARE SHEETS 15 x 15 cm. Because of good quality these product stands multiple folding well. It's a perfect tool for traditional Japanese and 3d modular origami.
  • LARGE PACK - GREAT BENEFIT. You have a large storage for an economical price. The amazing crafts, design and decorating projects, school and office works - all in one box.
  • PACKED IN A PAPER TRAY, which can be put on a table. Your origami paper kit is protected, it neither wrinkles, nor scatters. It's comfortable.

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